Back For 2016!


It’s amazing to think 6 years have passed since I last posted anything on this blog, that’s a really long time, so much has changed in the digital development space! Back in 2010, I was still working as a web developer at a digital agency, then I got hired as a games programmer at Preloaded. Over time, my focus moved from Flash to Unity, as the studio started to explore 3D game development and mobile platforms. I guess it’s a fairly common story, with the gradual decline of Flash, a lot of people who were using the platform have moved on to other things like WebGL or Unity, and started making apps and games.

So with all that change, the past few years have just flown by, and I’ve not had much time to write. In fact, while working at Preloaded, I spent most of my free time commuting back and forth to London, but it was fun and definitely worth it. Preloaded was such an interesting and creative place to work, an applied games studio specialising in experiences that educate and inform players, making games with real purpose.

Then, after more than 5 years at the studio, I left, and now after a bit of a break from all things coding, I’ve got some free time again, so I thought I’d post a few new things. While I’m hoping to get back into tutorials and demos in the future, I thought I’d start by just sharing some of the best game development resources I’ve found recently.

Hello world!


Welcome to my new blog, isn’t WordPress great!

Well this is my second attempt at starting a blog and hopefully it will get updated a lot more often than last time around.

I’m an Actionscript developer, so this will mainly be a place to share my experiments in techy things like coding, but hopefully there will also be room for sharing anything else that’s grabbed my attention for being cool and innovative in the world of interactive media.